Truck Accident

Truck Accident Lawyer and LawsuitShould You Call a Truck Accident Lawyer?

A truck accident attorney will know that anyone operating a semi truck is looking ahead for roads that connect onto the highway they are on, because the biggest danger of a frontal crash will be from someone entering the highway and the semi striking them from behind. Your attorney is not trying to ruin the driver of the semi that hit you, and they feel sorry for the family of the driver just like you do. What the truck accident lawyer knows that you do not is that the insurance company will use your compassion and gentle nature against you.

The insurance company needs to settle the case of an accident with you for as little money as they can, and they will use any and every means at their disposal to achieve that goal, and your lawyer is aware of this and it is their job to stop this from happening. When you have been in an accident you are suddenly faced with bills that you were not planning on, and quite possibly you have lost the ability to work for awhile to earn the money to pay those unexpected expenses as well as all the bills you were planning on. The truck accident lawyer will work with the insurance company to make certain they understand how much the accident cost you and your family, and to see to it they compensate you for your losses.

Your attorney will do their research and make sure the driver of the semi that hit you was operating a vehicle that was considered safe and legal. A lot of the time when an accident occurs between a passenger car and a semi it is because something malfunctioned on the semi preventing the operator from avoiding the crash.

Most of the time a truck accident attorney can hear the details of an accident and they can be almost certain of what may have happened to cause the wreck. They see so many people every year that have had collisions with these big rigs that they have heard enough crash scenario explanations that they begin to be an expert on the causes and effects that occur from different types of crashes.

A truck accident attorney will be ready to prove to the insurance company that their driver or the vehicle their driver was operating was responsible for the accident, and that you are paying the price for the accident. They know that when a passenger car collides with an eighteen wheeler it is like a bicycle colliding with a car. One of these items is larger, heavier, and is going to come out of the accident with little to no damage, while the other vehicle will more than likely be destroyed, and the operator of the smaller vehicle will more than likely have suffered injuries as a direct result of the crash.

This is why when you are in an accident involving you and an eighteen wheeler, you need to contact a truck accident lawyer to make certain that your interests are being properly looked after, and to make certain that the insurance company plays fair.

-Special Considerations in Choosing a Trucking Accident Lawyer. There can be no question about whether you need legal representation if a traffic accident involves an 18 wheeler or other large truck.  A qualified trucking accident lawyer will be aware of the specifics in the laws regarding big rigs and how they are governed.  There are special laws and different regulations that must be considered whenever an 18 Wheeler or other large truck is crashed, and an ordinary car crash lawyer might not  be up to speed on what all is involved.  A specifically dedicated truck accident attorney, or one that is current on the law, will be much more prepared to deal with any legal specifics involved.

One of the things to consider when consulting a trucking accident is that truck accidents are not nearly as cut and dry as far as who the responsible party is.  The driver of the vehicle may or may not be the owner.  Are they properly insured?  Are they working for themselves, or are they part of a larger company who is culpable?  A attorney truck accident lawyer can help you get to the bottom of who should be named in any lawsuits or other actions that might occur as the result of a trucking accident.

A well read, knowledgeable trucking accident lawyer will be aware of special considerations that come into play with governing the shipping industry.  Big rigs are very closely regulated with regard to almost all aspects of their operation.  For example, how many hours a truck is allowed to be on the road to ensure driver safety, or the number of check ins and weigh stations they stop at. There are special signs on the side of the road targeting large trucks for a reason. A trucking accident attorney will help decipher the law and how it applies to your specific case.

The causes of accidents involving big rigs are another area that a good trucking accident attorney will be expert in.  Tired drivers who haven’t taken a break, or are under the influence sometimes cause wrecks. Some truckers disregard safety laws, often because of pressure from their companies, to get there quicker, and this can result in tragedy.  There are codes for how a truck has to be secured.  If a truck was handling hazardous materials, a truck accident could have far reaching consequences, effectively shutting down traffic for miles around.  A truck accident attorney will have to take all of these factors into account when settling with an insurance company or heading to court.  It’s not an easy process.

The construction of vehicles is another consideration.  A trucking accident lawyer will be up to speed on things like under ride guards and their hazards. The simple physics of a vehicle that big and cumbersomely loaded are difficult to decipher, especially when you factor in road conditions that often make truck drivers have limited visibility, out of control vehicles. The worst weather often means delays for the truck driver, as well.  A truck driver who is running behind is much more likely to take unnecessary risks.  Talk to your truck accident lawyer about all of these factors, because they all will make a difference in the findings of the court on culpability and in awarding damages.

Financial recovery of their client is a trucking accident attorney’s priority.  The driver might be the client, or victims of the accident. Either way, it’s not likely to be a simple matter of a few dollars to replace a fender if you’re in a collision involving a big rig.  A truck accident attorney is an absolute must in a situation as legally and financially complicated as an accident involving an 18 Wheeler or other type of large truck.

If you are in an accident involving a big truck, you absolutely cannot neglect your legal and financial standing. The serious nature of this type of wreck calls for hiring a trucking accident lawyer as soon as you can possibly do so.  A truck accident lawyer is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  You want to make sure you are being aided by an expert in the trucking industry and the laws involved. Don’t settle for any car crash lawyer, because you really need special attention.