Hip Recall Lawyer

Why you should seek a Hip recall lawyer if you have a Depuy ASR or Zimmer Hip

If you or a loved one had a hip implanted after 2003, it is possible you may need to speak to a hip recall attorney regarding your hip. Several hips have been recalled and several more are in danger of being recalled. Modern hips that were supposed to be an orthopedic advancement are turning out to be nightmares as evidenced by the sharp increase in hip recall lawsuits. If you are a victim and are considering filing a hip recall lawsuit yourself, you need to speak to a hip recall attorney now.

Depuy ASR hips and Zimmer hips have been in the news but there are many other metal on metal hips that warrant concern. If you are experiencing excessive pain, you first need to contact your physician. Then you need to discuss with a hip recall lawyer your options to preserve your legal rights and to seek adequate compensation.

A hip recall lawsuit is somethign that will require a legal team well versed in medical and legal fields. We can help you. Our hip recall lawyers are the best and serve with humility and compassion.